Salamon Meat Products

Producer of Sausages, Bologna and Burger

Salamon Meat Products
Salamon Meat Products
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  • Producer of Sausages, Kielbasa and Burger
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sausage and bologna

Salamon Meat Products

Sausage and Bologna Products, As Immidiat Food and in General term fast foods ,comprise a major part of semi conserve food industries and during this time,because of special social conditions and urban routine life,assign a coroor of food consumption bazar and significant rate of society food sapply specialy youngs and teenager to itself.

Meet prodaucts(sausage and Bologna )have several kinds and play a magor role in nutrition and food diversity of people and they correspond to every taste and we can consume different kinds of them without cooking. Most of the products have higher value in nutrition or even in protein,because of their more richer mixture than pure 30 to 40 percents of meat have protein value about 80 to 90 and dried Bologna with 60 percent of meat has protein value about 100 to 110 and protein index of pure red meat is only 70 to 80 percent.therefor, sausage and Bologna meat products easily can supply all needed materials for metabolism lonly but pure meat cant supply all needed metabolic materials.

On the other hand,in the view of beeing cheep of these products than pure meat,their consumption rate in our country gets multiple and their consumption will in crease repeatedly because of their features than other meat foods.

It can be said that sausage and Bologna is a product that is non-native and non traditional which its primary material is meat (red or white).now,in Iran,just kosher meat like cow,lame and so on and kosher meate birds such as chichen,turkey and so are used .also, in order to prepare than,filling material such as flour,starch ,soya ,dried milk,gluten,catein and so on are used.also some herbal drugs and flavors such as ginger ,cinnamon,mustard,umbelliferae,nut,garlic and onion and some conservative material such as nitrate and nitrite,phosphate and poly phosphats are used which in natural or artificial covers in suitable condition are pastorized and deliver into bazar