Salamon Meat Products

Producer of Sausages, Bologna and Burger

Salamon Meat Products
Salamon Meat Products
Producer of:
Semi-prepared foods
  • Salamon Meat Products
  • Producer of Sausages, Kielbasa and Burger
  • Kielbasa
  • Sausage
  • Burger

About Us

Salamon Meat Products

fars nikan goosht company as one of the biggest companies of producing all kinds of meat products ,located in great industrial town of shiraz, starts its activity in the commercial name of salamon(free fish) at the beginning of 1382.

this company by exploiting of latest world technology and also by applying experienced shilled men and also because of accurate performing of structure of GMP in accordance with world standards in lowest time has succeeded to launch.

Management world system quality of ISO 9001:2008 from valid company DAS UK based on world standards requirements and in accordance with produced productions with national standards of iran will succeed in obtaining standard sign for its production.

this company in order to improve and attracts customers satisfaction continuously and to observe safety and hygienic problems ,initiate is diversify its products and in order to complete family protein basket ,puts to producing new products and exclusive ,in its program caption. laboratory and quality control unit of company ,issue the order of entering to bazaar in addition to continuous and accurate control on entry first material and production process after insuring of quality and health of produced product also ,investigation and expansion unit of company ,initiate to design and make new products in addition to study and investigate on customer demands.

this company ,in long term, adjusts its main direction based on following axis:

• to protect and promote customer satisfaction level ,as the most important factor in performing company activity routines.

• to improve quality management systems processes continuously and effectively and security of food material in order to increase quality level and product security.

• to promote scientific level, technical knowledge and motivation of personals of company by presenting effective and continuous training .

company management of nikan goosht products is plight following items:

• continuous improvement ,performing and maintain quality line and security of foods in company and reviewing them in definite time period.

• Doing legal requirement and related

• Manuals , customers requirements and standards needs

HACCP,ISO:9001:2008,ISO 22000:2005 and continuous improvement of effective systems of quality management and security of foods.

• Ensuring of comprehension and right performing of quality management system and security of foods by personals of company.

• Protecting effective relations in and out of organization.